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Stompy and The Heat Debut Album

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Debut album out now!

16 November, 2012

Stompy and the Heat

It's landed, the debut album for Stompy and The Heat.

Get it on iTunes here : http://bit.ly/XKsuy0 

or from JB Hi-Fi http://bit.ly/UteC4H 


16 November, 2012

Well,here we go,up and running. Its been about two years since I first discussed with Pete the idea of what was to become STOMPY AND THE HEAT. We both love 1960s rock'n'roll and R&B,and we were digging on the sounds that were around just before psychedelia arrived,around 1965,1966. 
Neither of us were born then, but that did not stop us imagining a  scene where a hard working bar band (well versed in Soul,Beat and Blues) got bombed on something far heavier than grass and heard a sitar for the first time.The cardigans got the arse and the Beatle cuts got longer,but when the new set was done and the crowd demanded more, an encore combo of WALKIN' THE DOG,HIGH HEEL SNEAKERS and KEEP A KNOCKIN' would be laid down in style. 
That idea was what got us fired up, although the S&the H sound is not totally stuck in that vibe. The real start for me was the purchase of a 1960s NORMA brand  guitar. This cranky old Japanese monster had a sound unlike more common guitars,and the riffs that would evolve into THANKS TO YOU and DON'T TELL ME spilled out of it. Me and Pete recorded a few songs in his bungalow and we were well pleased. 
I thought the whole process would take a month or so,but the album took about 18 months in reality. It just kept getting bigger and better as it went along,and songs were being written on the move. I recorded all the vocals myself,but I was not happy singing so I asked Bow Campbell if he was interested. He loved the songs and sang them with gusto, getting him involved was the masterstroke. 
Anyways,enough talk,the mother's done,right? Hope ya like it and hope to seeya at the TOTE on the 12th Jan for the album launch.

Keep on stompin',


New Album available from November 16th

8 November, 2012

Stompy and the HeatYou can get the new album at all JB HiFi stores from the 16th of November.

Or you can purchase it through Waterfront Records online store at  http://www.waterfrontrecords.com/product/80302

iTunes links is coming soon...